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Dear Watchers and visitors and everyone who reads this! :)

You're so great! I uploaded a few pictures the last days and there are some beautiful manipulations and drawings from you online already! :)
Thank you for all your nice comments and the favs! It all means a lot to me!

Yesterday I answered my messages here and faved what you did with my images. I'm sorry it sometimes takes very long for me to answer your comments but I'm often too busy and the messages just keep piling up... And the fact that I'm incredibly lazy doesn't help at all. ;)
If you have urgent questions, please write me a note or two, and say that it is urgent ;)

Also I would like to say sorry for spamming all your inboxes, but I'm going to upload a few more pictures the following days. I'm still sorting through this weekend's photos and picking out the better ones. There will probably be a few more "calm" and less "awkward" poses, you know, some with more than one hoof on the ground ;)

Have a nice day,

Dear Reader!
You probably came here through a link under a picture you would like to use. First of all: Thank you for coming here and respecting my rules! There aren't many but please follow them!

For easier understanding I divided the rules in some sections: General, Photomanipulation and Drawings. General rules apply for everyone, no matter what you are planning to do with the stock image!

:bulletred: Do not steal the pictures,
:bulletred: Do not upload the pictures to other sites and/or claim as your own!
:bulletred: Do not offer my pictures as stock in any way or form (this includes pre-cuts!).
:bulletred: Only use my pictures if you have read my rules, accept them and will respect them.
:bulletred: If there should be any problems and I ask you to remove your work, you do so immediately.

Use for Photomanipulation:
:bulletred: Only use the photos in the "Stock Photos - Rules in journal"-folder!
:bulletred: Please leave a comment/note with a link to your finished work if you use it!
:bulletred: Give credit.
:bulletred: No commercial use. "Virtual" money (Passes on Howrse etc.) is okay, but no real money!

:bulletgreen: On deviantArt:
Credits must be in the description or on your work. A link to my profile or the picture you used would be great.

:bulletblue: Outside deviantArt (ponybox, howrse, forums, rpgs...):
Credits must be on the image itself! A link is optional.

:bulletblack: Prints:
Prints on dA are allowed but please no other sites that offer prints.

Use as a reference for Drawing/Lineart (This includes coats for Howrse as well!):
:bulletred: Please leave a comment/note with a link to your finished work if you use it!
:bulletred: You may use any picture from my gallery for drawing reference.

:bulletgreen: On deviantArt:
Credits should be in the description or on your work. For example a link to my profile or the picture you used would be great.

:bulletblue: Outside deviantArt:
If you want to and can, please credit me, but it's not necessary. I know that on some sites it is not possible to give credit, so it is alright without.

:bulletblack: Prints:
All sorts of prints are allowed, but please tell me if you offer your drawing as a print outside of deviantArt.

Still got any questions? Please write me a note, I probably won't be able to answer questions in the comments.
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Well, it's been a while... I haven't had the time to answer all the comments and fav all the wonderful pictures you people made with my stock images, but I hope I'll have a bit more time around christmas. Just so you know: I read all your comments and notes and I am happy about every single fav any of my pictures recieve! Thank you so much! :)

If you have got an urgent question write me a note, if I don't answer fast enough, please write another one (saying that you wrote one before and that I really should answer you!) ;)

To say it with the words of Deutsche Bahn: "Your train will arrive 20 minutes late, thank you for your patience."...

By the way: I recieved a request from a group to add some of my pictures to their club gallery. If you need good horse stock, go to Horse-Resources and take a look at the gallery! It's sorted in categories and has a lot of stock images from different photographers! I think a group like that is a great idea, I'll probably add more of my images if I have the time ;) !

On the topic of "new images": There probably won't be any new pictures in the near future. I haven't been able to take any photos for a few months now and the more or less usable pictures I have are uploaded already...

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Hi guys!

Today I finally found the time to look through my messages and notes and take a look at all your awesome drawings and manipulations! I've been very busy lately and probably will stay busy for a while but I'll try to write you an answer for your comments and notes and take a look at your work but I can't promise that I'll do that immediately, I'm sorry...

Thank you to all the people who used my stock pictures, to all those who faved them and/or wrote comments and to everyone who added me to their watchlists! It all means a lot to me!

I uploaded a few other stock pictures and put a few more pictures from my scrapbook into the stock-folder. You can find them here:… . Feel free to use them! :D
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Hi Guys!

This weekend the yearly show of arabian horses (where I took all the photos the last years) took place again. Sadly I was only able to go there today and only for about two hours, because I have to go back "home" tomorrow and I still have a lot to learn because I'm going to write three exams next week.

The weather was bad. Very bad. First it was raining so hard we didn't want to leave the car and everything was muddy. Later the rain stopped for a while and from time to time there were even a few rays of sunlight before it started raining again.

For some reason I wasn't able to take photos that I am happy with, I didn't get the poses right or I had the wrong settings so the photos were too dark or overexposed... I have no idea why it didn't work out the way I wanted, maybe it was the weather, maybe my new lens or maybe I just had a bad day... I hope next time will work out better. I've sorted through my photos and found about twenty that I like and I'll upload sometime. As I said, I'll write exams next week and I'm not sure if I have a working internet connection at home.

Until then I'll upload a few "teasers" for you right now!

thank you for reading my very whiny jornal entry,
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I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who visited my userpage, viewed my pictures, faved and/or commented and used my stock!

I just took a look at my gallery stats and was very surprised. Yesterday I had my 7000th pageview, today there are more that 7100. Yesterday I got my 200th watcher and probably today someone got the 30000th view of my deviations. Wow.

I'm really happy about all the attention I get and I'm even more happy that apparently so many people like my pictures. There are so many amazing manipulations and drawings that use some of my stock images. You're great, guys!

Thank you all so much,